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Department of Urology
School of Medicine
Harran University
establishment January 1999
Department of Urology School of Medicine Harran University
Introduction of Department of Urology, School of Medicine,
Harran University.
Excellent urological links
One of the most extensive urological link pages. In a categorized manner there are
many links more than 120.
Special nonurological links
Many links in various topics in a categorized manner. Search machines, televisions, newspapers, publishers and exclusive links.
Frequency asked questions
About anything in Urology
For non-physician people
speaking Turkish.
It is also possible to ask any question in Turkish or English
Contact us
Correspondence Harran Univ Tip Fak Hastanesi Uroloji TR-63100 Sanliurfa Turkey.
Fax +90-414-315-1181
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